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Supporting development of quality management systems

If you deliver quality to your customer they will return and recommend you to others. If you don’t deliver quality …… they won’t. In the worst cases they will positively discourage others from trading with you.

Many people will tell you that a quality management system needs lots of paperwork and a whole bureaucracy behind it. BSQ will tell you that it is a whole organisational management system that is focused on delivering quality for the customer.

We will only put in place processes that matter and have an impact. We ensure that we deliver management systems that fully integrate with all your business functions, as well as relevant regulatory frameworks. BSQ also develops appropriate audit, review and improvement processes.

You may require your management system to be accredited to ISO9001. With lead IS09000 auditor status, we can implement a system that fully meets the requirements of the standard.

Business Improvement
Businesses need to continually improve. Standing still is not an option.

Improving processes, services or products can bring about improvements in business efficiency, reduce costs, increase turnover and improve customer satisfaction.

BSQ can support by employing a wide range of world class techniques to bring about the required improvements. We can help to:

  • Define the problem
  • Lead the diagnosis
  • Develop a cross functional improvement team
  • Support the data gathering and interpretation
  • Develop and implement an improvement plan with key milestones, targets and review processes

We have knowledge and experience of improvement processes such as six sigma, kaizen, poka yoke, root cause analysis, statistical process control, self-assessment, business process mapping, pareto analysis and control charts.

Continual improvement is a key requirement of the ISO9001 standard.

Supporting Auditing and Management Review
Internal auditing and management review are important aspects of your management system. These process determine how effective your management system is and whether you are delivering quality for your customers.

BSQ can add additional capacity to your internal audit team or act as an external auditor to give you an independent prospective on the effectiveness of the management system, or compliance to a recognised standard. We have lead ISO9001 auditor status.

Additionally, pulling performance data and information into a management review gives you an overview on quality. Such reviews should determine what is going well and what needs to be improved. BSQ can help by facilitating such reviews or be defining a detailed process with appropriate performance indicators.

Supporting Customer Satisfaction Measurement
Knowing what your customer really thinks; is key to improving the quality of goods and services you provide but customer satisfaction measurement can be a complex business. What things should you measure? What questions do you ask? How do you obtain the information? Who is the right person in your customer’s organisation to ask? How big should your sample be? How do you report the data? What do you do with the data when you have it?

Some customers may be very open to you; others may provide more honest and detailed feedback to an independent.

BSQ can help by:

  • working with you to develop appropriate satisfaction measures
  • gathering the information from customers - through interviews or on-line surveys
  • determining the sample
  • by interpreting the information gathered into a report that highlights strengths and areas for improvement
  • supporting the production of an improvement plan to respond to the data

Customer satisfaction measurement is a key requirement of the ISO9001 standard.

Supporting Management
There may-be times when your quality manager/representative is on long term sick leave, or maternity leave. There may-be times when you need to develop capacity in your management team.

BSQ can provide interim management support whether it be a few weeks or something more long term.

Additionally, you may have a new quality manager who needs mentoring support. BSQ can help.

Supporting Achievement of Awards and Accreditations
To develop your business you may need to obtain an accreditation. Some businesses require their suppliers to have an accreditation such as ISO9001 before they even bid for contracts.

Starting from scratch can be daunting. There is a whole new language to learn to start with. Such accreditations can initially be resource intensive and there may be a tight deadline in which to achieve the accreditation. You have to get it right first time.

BSQ has extensive experience of developing and implementing project plans to achieve accreditations/awards such as ISO9001, ISO14001, Investors in People, Customer Service Excellence, Business Excellence Model.

We have also supported many specialist business specific accreditations.

Supporting Private Colleges
The government has significantly tightened the regulation of private colleges. The introduction of Educational Oversight by QAA brings challenges that private colleges have not faced before. The language of the academic infrastructure (quality code) can be quite daunting. Success at Educational Oversight review is paramount. Nothing short of Confidence will do. Failure at review means you cannot obtain Highly Trusted Status (HTS). No HTS effectively means no students and the College closing.

BSQ has extensive experience of this area and can support with the development of quality management systems and the production of a self-evaluation that is helps QAA with the review and you with quality improvement.